Collection: Wearable Art

Sometimes it feels good to 'wear yourself' through your clothing.

From intricately painted sarees to vibrant dresses and other wearable pieces, Kanika's artistry adds a new dimension to fashion. Her attention to detail and keen eye for aesthetics make her creations truly stand out. Whether it's a custom design or a personalized artwork, Kanika is open to commissioned art projects, eager to collaborate with individuals looking to add a touch of artistic flair to their wardrobe.

  • Wings of Elegance

    Celebrating the mesmerising flight of birds, their graceful movement captured on a canvas of flowing fabric

  • Ekla Chaalo

    'Ekla Chaalo' meaning 'Walk Alone.' A symbol of strength, independence, and unwavering determination in one's journey.

  • Harmony in Shadows

    The serenity of where birds find serenity on branches

  • Steps & Strokes

    Vibrant colors and intricate designs merge, creating a unique fusion of style and self-expression

  • Sunflowers

    Bask in the vibrant allure of sunflowers on this hand-painted saree, where golden blooms dance upon a pristine white backdrop

  • Nature's Canvas

    Celebrating the essence of growth, transformation, and the eternal beauty of nature

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