Collection: Wall Art by Kanika Kush

Kanika breathes life into blank walls through her captivating artistry. She has adorned countless offices, cafes, homes, and stores with her vibrant creations. Each stroke of her brush tells a story, transforming ordinary spaces into visual masterpieces. Kanika's versatility shines as she seamlessly adapts her style to suit diverse environments, captivating viewers with her unique expressions. Her passion for her craft is only surpassed by her openness to collaboration. Kanika’s focus eagerly engages in discussions, ensuring that every piece resonates with her clients' visions, making her an artist who not only beautifies spaces but also cultivates connections through her art.

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  • Music & Art

    On the painted wall, a symphony of shades of brown unfolds. A violin stands gracefully beside a stack of books, symbolizing knowledge and creativity. A kettle lamp casts a warm glow, inviting contemplation and inspiration. This composition weaves together art, music, and literature, creating a harmonious tapestry of artistic expression.

  • Kunzum Book cafe

    Within the walls of Kunzum Book Store, my paintbrush breathed life into beloved literary characters. From the enigmatic Mr. Darcy to the whimsical Little Prince, from the determined Howard Roark to the curious Alice in Wonderland, each figure stands as a vibrant tribute to the timeless tales that ignite our imagination.

  • Kunzum Book Cafe

    From the timeless wisdom of Plato to the poetic brilliance of Maya Angelou, this mural pays homage to the diverse voices that have shaped literature. It serves as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling and the profound impact of these literary luminaries.

  • Private Residence

    A magnificent mural on the wall, depicts a graceful lady riding a majestic bird with the ethereal grace of an angel. She emerges from a lush natural backdrop, surrounded by vibrant flora and fauna. This enchanting artwork embodies the harmonious connection between humanity and the beauty of the natural world, capturing a moment of transcendence and serenity.

  • Office Space

    Several figures are immersed in their work, engrossed in the digital world of co-working spaces. Amidst them, a person stands out, their face adorned with blooming flowers, symbolizing creativity and inspiration. Blue butterflies gracefully encircle this individual, representing freedom and the joy of pursuing one's passion. This artwork celebrates the dynamic blend of technology, nature, and personal growth in the modern work environment.

  • Private Residence

    Adorning a residence's wall, the paintbrush captured a captivating scene of cultural beauty. A lady, dressed in a vibrant saree, delicately creates a kolam design. Her hair adorned with a Jasmine bracelet of flowers adds an enchanting touch. This artwork celebrates the artistry and traditions that bring joy and harmony into our homes.

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