Collection: Movable art

From delicate floral patterns to bold abstract designs, Kanika's art breathes life into the furniture, turning them into functional art pieces. Her exceptional skills and versatility make her the perfect choice for commissioned art projects, as she brings her clients' visions to life with her artistic expertise.

  • Blue Birds

    Capturing the essence of nature's beauty and symbolism - the graceful presence of the birds symbolises freedom and tranquillity. Take a pause to reflect on our connection with nature, even within the confined spaces of our city lives

  • Kathakali

    A visual ode to the cultural beauty and artistic storytelling of Kathakali. The expressive eyes, the elaborate makeup, and the rich cultural symbolism embodied in the dancer's visage evoke a sense of awe and appreciation for this ancient art form

  • The Secret Garden

    A wooden frame imbued with vibrant energy by the artist - big, blooming pink flowers and subtle hints of leaves. The glass squares provide a beautiful canvas for the vivid hues of the flowers, bringing an element of life and joy

  • Not a Wallflower

    A box transformed by brushstrokes, adorned with a bold, blooming pink flower and large, lush green leaves. Capturing the essence of vibrant blossoms and the lushness of foliage - a functional and mundane box is now a captivating piece of art

  • Drawn to Lilac

    A chest of drawers with a striking lilac flower in full bloom, accompanied by leaves in deep shades of blue and lilac. This artwork harmonizes vibrant colors, capturing the allure of nature's blooming beauty in a functional and enchanting form

  • Interwoven

    Immerse yourself in a tropical oasis with this extraordinary painting of a lush banana leaf on a sunny yellow cupboard. The artwork stretches harmoniously from furniture to wall, blending seamlessly and transforming your space into an enchanting botanical haven