Season 1 : Voice of Silence

Voice of Silence X Kanika Kush is a social platform to convey messages of change, to change and for change. For love, respect and kindness in the world.

We have just completed Season 1 and you can view all 25 episodes on our Youtube Channel.

Voice of Silence: Season 1

Meet our speakers

Murphy. R. John : Agent of Change

As a college student, Murphy and his friends would engage underprivileged children in after school activities like art, crafts, sports and writing. This later became his calling as he started his NGO which also doubled up as a shelter for these kids. He along with his students has weathered many a storm, but he hasn’t lost his spirit in bettering and empowering needy children and making them believe that they can really be who or what they want to be.

His life is a lesson on how one can be the change they want to be, even with limited resources.
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Vandana Singh : Voice of Vulnerabilities

Vandana Singh had to literally pick up the pieces of her
life, after her abusive husband threw her belongings on the street. She decided then that disrespect was not to be tolerated and it marked a turning point in her life. She divorced her husband, and moved in with her parents. She felt a subtle change in their behaviour, where she felt invisible when certain decisions had to be taken, and she decided to move out on her own.

She found love again, a perfect soulmate who respected her, only to see him ghost her when she mentioned marriage and commitment. She walked out of the relationship with her head held high, as she realised that disrespect however cordial and gently done was not something she would tolerate. She is now single, doing well in her career, and lives a happy, content life.

The biggest takeaway from today’s talk was Vandana’s sincerity, honesty, and bravery in confronting her vulnerability and sharing it with the world. She has emerged a stronger person, without changing her innocent and honest core.
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Shan Shanu : Voice of Resilience

Shanmuk is a speaker whose life experiences have given
him a unique perspective on the challenges of growing up too soon and the complexities of family relationships. Despite facing adversity, Shanmuk has
maintained an unshakeable spirit and gained valuable insights into the human condition. His story is one of resilience and personal growth; his perspective will inspire anyone who hears it.
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Savita Awasthy : Love and life with a silent partner

Savita Awasthy is a remarkable woman who has dedicated her
life to a cause bigger than herself. With a deep commitment to supporting her
life partner through sickness and health, Savita has faced countless trials and
tribulations. Despite the challenges, she remains steadfast in her resolve,
standing tall with a beaming smile on her face. Her story is a testament to the
power of love and the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.
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Surbhi Singh Yadav : Voice of Gratitude

Surbhi Singh Yadav is a courageous woman whose life has been touched by tragedy. As the wife of Major Dhruv Yadav, who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country in 2015, Surbhi has become an inspiration to many for her strength and determination. Despite facing unimaginable loss, Surbhi
continues to embody courage in everything she does, including her parenting of their son Rehaan.
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Kreeti Mitra Bhatia : Voice of Faith and Courage

Kreeti Mitra Bhatia knows all too well the challenges of navigating through life when there is no guidebook to follow. As an "Auti-mom," she has firsthand experience raising a child with autism and the struggles that come along with it. But Kreeti did not let the lack of resources stop her.
Instead, she founded The Special Mom, a platform that provides support, guidance, and resources for parents of children with special needs. Her story
is one of resilience, determination, and love for her child. Know her story

Our journey

"It all started after a spiritual experience I had last year (Feb 22). Little did I know that what began as an idea will move into a discussion with my partner Adi, and slowly within a year we will cover diverse and hard-hitting topics with 25 speakers!
And, we're just about getting started. We are now a medium to the hundreds of silent voices waiting to be heard and committed to bringing them out.
VoS is now something bigger than us, and that needs its due commitment, hard work, and respect and we are happy and willing to do this with even more dedication now." - Kanika Kush