Dr. Suboohi Rizvi: Embracing Empowerment and Inspiring a Visionary Life

In a world where empowerment is the key to breaking free from societal shackles, there are individuals who emerge as beacons of inspiration, igniting the flames of change and guiding others towards a path of self-discovery and fulfilment. Dr Suboohi Rizvi, a practising gynaecologist, stood tall as the voice of empowerment in the first episode of season two of "Voice of Silence" by Kanika Kush, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who listened.
Empowerment is more than a mere buzzword; it is the essence of being enabled to make decisions for oneself, to chart our own course in this vast ocean of life. Dr Rizvi, with her captivating presence, shared her journey of empowerment, highlighting the transformative power of literature and couplets that fueled her life with invaluable lessons and guided her towards a life of vision.
Reflecting on her early years, Dr Rizvi painted a vivid picture of her student life—a studious, nature-loving soul, who cherished the outdoors and held a special place in her teachers' hearts. Raised in a family of professors, education was of paramount importance, and she aspired to meet her parents' expectations, who instilled in her the significance of knowledge and wisdom.
The journey of empowerment is seldom without struggles, and Dr Rizvi fearlessly revealed her first hurdle—learning to read and speak in Hindi while setting aside her first language, Urdu. With unwavering determination, she immersed herself in Hindi grammar, ensuring she surpassed expectations and excelled in her exams.
As she grew older, a clear vision for her life began to crystallise — a vision akin to a rose blooming in the mud of restrictions and circumstances. With compassion and empathy as her guiding forces, she toiled relentlessly, drawing strength from within to blossom into the remarkable individual she is today.
Dr Rizvi spoke passionately about the importance of self-love, emphasising the distinction between self-confidence and self-esteem. She emphasised the need to recognize one's own strengths, to value oneself, and to shed the shackles of low self-esteem that often stem from seeking validation from others or succumbing to societal expectations. She urged individuals to shower themselves with the same love and care they so effortlessly bestow upon others.
When questioned about her views on marriage and nurturing an environment of listening and support for her two daughters, Dr Rizvi enlightened us with her wisdom. Women today have

shifted their mindset, placing importance on respecting their own needs and desires when seeking a life partner, rather than accepting whatever comes their way. Driven by her convictions, she even conducts workshops on parenting, aptly named "HEAL India - Healthy Empowered Adolescent Life," where she imparts her knowledge and experiences to parents and children alike. Her daughters, having assisted her in creating these presentations, have imbibed the essence of her teachings.
Earning one's own money emerged as a recurring theme in Dr Rizvi's empowering narrative. Financial independence empowers women to embrace their dreams, pursue their passions, and stand tall in a world that often tries to suppress their potential. It is a vital step towards self-reliance and a catalyst for personal growth.
Dr Rizvi underscored the significance of communicating one's vision for life to their family. When loved ones are aware of our dreams and aspirations, they become pillars of support, nurturing and encouraging us as we strive towards our goals.
Drawing parallels between physical and financial health, Dr Rizvi reminded us that holistic well-being encompasses both aspects. By prioritising self-care and self-preservation, women can mitigate the need for medical intervention and lead healthier lives.
In her closing message, Dr Suboohi Rizvi implored us to embrace our imperfect selves while striving for perfection. She urged us to harness the gifts bestowed upon us by the world and use them to transcend our limitations, marching unwaveringly towards our visions.
Dr Rizvi, through her resilience and unwavering spirit, exemplifies the transformative power of empowerment. Her journey serves as an emotional testament to the potential that lies within each one of us, waiting to be unleashed. Let us heed her call and embark on our own journeys of self-discovery, embracing our visions with unyielding determination, and soaring to new heights of empowerment.
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