"Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour" - Rumi
"We stylize the world with a little bit of 'indian'ness everywhere. "
Kanika Kush, Designer

A very warm Namaste!
An even bigger Thank You for checking us out. We are two people who have 3 things in common:
1. Love for India,
2. A defense background and
3. A serious need to bring smiles to people’s faces.

Oh! and we both are March born too!

Our journey began in 2015. We sat together one day….OK for a month (aren’t you a smarty pant!), and broke down our individual strengths. These were our ‘discoveries’ back then, which have strengthened 10x times over now. Individually speaking: Adi has a knack for understanding good music (trained in it ), he is aesthetically inclined, loves to travel, is crazy about details, loves everything about food (eating, cooking and serving).

Kanika has knowledge of design (trained in it), she is artistically inclined, loves to travel, has crazy imagination, loves everything about physical movement (dance and exercise). As is evident, it was time to shuffle these around and pick the best, for our venture.

Kanika Kush Design House was born!

This is a place that ‘houses’ everything pretty. Pretty things that will make you smile, we guarantee. Why do we guarantee? Because we make them ourselves. Our imagination, our art, our creativity and our own ideas and our love for India! Bit by bit, we want this to become a place where dreams are woven, a place where you know you’ll find that unique piece, a place that understands you and will not let you go back empty-handed. It isn’t just ‘Art’ and it isn’t just ‘Business’ – its ‘ART-NESS’


Allow us to …well…..make you SMILE!